10 comments on “Nick Wilcox missing, Irish Rec Room license revoked, Milwaukee Common Council makes the right call

  1. Jerry, I am continuing to pray Nick will show up! I was thinking maybe a $1,000 or $2,000 reward to any person who saw Nick outside of the Irish Pub around 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. that night might entice a witness to come forward.

    Maybe you could set up a collection that people in Milwaukee would want to give toward the reward money. The people in Milwaukee (and around the country) are very generous and concerned when it comes to something like this! Just a thought.

    • It’s too bad that if someone saw something or knew of something that could lead to finding this young man, that people wouldn’t just want to do the right thing…instead of being enticed by reward money. I pray that Nick’s family finds closure. My heart breaks for them.

  2. In my opinion, blaming and closing down a bar for Nick disappearing is like blaming and banning guns for Sandy Hook. Sadly he will turn up in the river and the police will say “no foul play suspected.” We should be more worried about finding the people responsible for throwing these young men in the rivers, instead of throwing around empty blame and lack of personal accountability.

    • Tyler appears to be psychic. Maybe someone should have a talk with Tyler, as he could be one of “the people” responsible for throwing “these young men in the rivers.”

  3. So the MPD will spend thousands of taxpayer money to search a landfill for Evon Young, who they suspect was dumped in the landfill after being murdered, but they won’t spend anything extra to help look for Nick? Something seems wrong here…am I the only one that thinks Sheriff Clarke is more concerned with citizens of his own color? I don’t know Nick or his family personally, but I do know a few of his friends and the inequality in the search for Nick and the search for others is amazing. And not in a good way.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you for your concern. As a point of clarification, Sheriff Clarke is not involved with this case. This is under the jurisdiction of the City of Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). MPD has an active investigation going. Chief Edward Flynn is in charge of MPD. Sheriff David Clarke is in charge of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. They have differing jurisdictions. — Jerry B

  4. This bar was just out for the money. These people cater to the college age crowd, with their “all you can drink specials” sixty dollars and you can drink unlimited drinks from 9 pm until 2:00 am on New Years Eve, don’t put the buffet out until 1:00 am, bartenders just keep serving the obviously intoxicated young people and then throw someone out when they are noticeably drunk, without even his jacket on a bitterly cold night when they are located directly across from the Milwaukee River? Sorry, this bar should be closed down and I hope the family files a lawsuit.

    • Majority of the bars in Milwaukee were running a very simmilar special…..I think it’s stupid to blame the rec room. He got kicked out because he got into a fight.. What about his girlfriend that just left him by himself inside the bar? Its no one else’s fault but his own for not drinking responsibly.

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