2 comments on “Kathleen Eilers in middle of fight over Mental Complex management

  1. Many at BHD think Kathy Eilers is a shill of Chris Abele’s, and her main goal is to close BHD all together. This may not be entirely true, but during a town hall meeting she said that Milwaukee is one of the last counties in the US that does not depend on group homes to care for long term, chronic patients. I do not have the exact statistics, but I do not think this is correct.

    This further comment may be better placed chronic crises reports, but group homes for patients who now reside on hill-top is a very bad idea. Unless you work for the police force and worry about job security. We have a number of chronic patients that law enforcement need to bring back to us, on a bi-weekly basis, in need of restraints and medication. A common complaint or reason for acting out, is they do not like it in the group homes. This is not hard to understand, these homes are not equipped or staffed to handle these special needs patients. These places depend on CNA’s only some who figure at $5,000.00 per patient of which they can budget caring for a lot less can earn a lucrative living. It has been proven that many of these patients wind up on the street, and eventually prison.

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